sábado, 14 de noviembre de 2009

Virgin de la Chiquinquira

La chinita

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  1. The people Zuliano pays homage to our patron in this November, on Nov. 18 the Church celebrates the day of our Chiquinquirá Chinita's Basilica in Maracaibo.The atmosphere of celebration and joy filled the Basilica religious. The people's faith in the Virgin Zulia has Chiquinquirá a light, a guide, a mother. Close and miraculous are the sons of this land to the Chinita, go to her in times of joy and sadness.

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  3. 1709 was a significative year for Maracaibo city because chinquinquira´s virgen arrived. November, 18th is a beautiful day for catholic people where they have the good fortune to host a tribute to chinita.

    For this reason November is only for Gaita music, baseball games, beauty queens, parties and other celebrations to commemorate for miracle.

    Finally, a procession with the image of the virgin from the Basílica´s church is at 3 am to order tothe day on the street with her fellows.