martes, 3 de noviembre de 2009

La Sayona

La sayona

La Llorona is a legendary native of Mexico, well known in other Latin American countries. This is a woman who loses her children and turned into a banshee, the searches in vain, your tears disturbing to hear that. Although there are many versions of the story, the main facts are the same
There were various theories about the ghostly unknown to the people, by their perpetual grief, began calling the Llorona. He said it was an indigenous woman in love with a Spanish or Creole gentleman, who bore him three children. However, he did not formalize their relationship: it simply to visit and avoid marrying her. Sometime later, the man married a Spanish woman, for that link it was more convenient. Upon hearing, the Llorona mad with pain and her three children drowned in the river. " Then seeing what he had done, committed suicide. Since then, his phantom pain and cry is heard "Oh, my children!" (or, issue a silent groan). Usually found in the river, crossing at the place where their children died and she took her life.

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  1. The Sayona is a story originating in the plains and dates from the colonial period. This is the story of a jealous woman who killed her husband and her mother, thinking that they had a romance.

    Therefore, it is better than those enjoyed by men cheating on their partners think well before LA SAYONA appears them...