sábado, 14 de noviembre de 2009

Tendencias y Modas

Known as klein blue field in the coolest fashion, and known in our day-day like Mallard or electric blue, this tone has become the star of this summer. We saw their initial proposals last winter, but now, both stores as large collections of fashion, have been flooded with innumerable garments in this color.

In this year 2009 has become the fashion of the 50 the era's sexiest, skirts at the waist, also from the 70 romantic clothing, 80 clothing leather, these are the most sensual women clothes wearing let show the slender body.

The colors fashion for this season are blue, green, orange, yellow, golden, black and white, saldals with strips to tie. Pants skinny style.

The flowers also wearing in this season, jewerly for women, big bracelets in all colors, necklaces and wallets.

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