martes, 3 de noviembre de 2009

el silbon

The Eurasian (El silbon)
The Eurasian is amazing ghost in the plains of Venezuelan. Those who have seen (and survived) say that it has to be a man anatomically disproportionate, very tall and slender, measuring about six feet, and while moving above the treetops, it emits a blood-curdling hiss.
Legend has it that is the soul in torment of a child who was very spoiled. One day he told his dad he wanted to eat guts, for his delay was to find his father and seeing that brought nothing, killed his father.
The Eurasian attacks men and drunken revelers, to which the navel sucks pull their liquor.If you feel the hiss very strong, is that far away, but if it's the reverse, is right behind you. To save, remember what happened.

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  1. I think "El SILBON" is a ghost very popular in our country.. The legend of this myth began in the plains of venezuela, well that's what people says.. is said to be aimless terror of a lost soul of a party guy, womanizing man who died alone and abandoned and seeks the company of someone who rides after hours of the night by the paths of this plain.